Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quotes From The Disciplined Life by Richard S. Taylor

I've been slowly re-reading The Disciplined Life by Richard S. Taylor.  It has a lot of good in it.  These are some quotes from just the first chapter:

"Discipline must ever precede liberty." - H. Orton Wiley

"Many nervous and emotional disorders are the accumulated result of years of self-indulgent living.... And the only real cure is to become a disciplined person."

"The flood of moral looseness which, in this generation, has so blighted our youth and undermined our homes is in my opinion directly related to the self-indulgence of the age."

"The remedy is not poverty and economic depression, but discipline."

"It is either discipline or decadence." - Jack Ford

"...holiness both implies and demands discipline, in all of its forms and facets and at all levels of daily living."

"When play... consumes a larger proportion of leisure time, money, conversation, and interest than is warranted by its cultural and recreative returns, then the play becomes the mark of a decadent age and the badge of softness rather than strength."

"There was a time when intercollegiate debating drew big crowds.  Now the debates are held in side rooms, while the crowd cheers at the basketball game... the shift of excited popular interest from debates to basketball is a sign of cultural decline."

"Apart from divine intervention, the nation which produces the most scientists and educators will dominate the world, not the nation that produces the best sportsmen."

"Kindheartedness is a virtue when coupled with moral stability.  Without discipline kindheartedness becomes sentimental weakness.  No nation has survived which has become self-indulgent and flabby."

"If communism finally conquers the world, it will not be because of better ideology, but because of better discipline." (this could be applied to some other ideologies which threaten the world, as well)

Lenin: "With a handful of dedicated people who will give me their lives, I will control the world."
Theodore Roosevelt:  "The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living, and the get rich theory of life."

"The undisciplined mind is always an easy prey for the demagogue and the charlatan.  Out of such intellectual dullness and inertia dictatorships are spawned."

"The superior power and efficiency of disciplined characer are seen especially in great crises, times of sickness or bereavement, or financial adversity."

"Disciplined character belongs to the person who achieves balance by bringing all his faculties and powers under control.  There are order, consistency, and purpose in his life.  As a result he has poise and grace.  He does not panic, nor does he indulge in maudlin self-pity when tossed by cross-currents.  He rises courageously, even heroically, to meet life and conquer it.  He resolutely faces his duty.  He is governed by a sense of responsibility.  He has inward resources and personal reserves which are the wonder of weaker souls.  He brings adversity under tribute, and compels it to serve him.  When adversity becomes too overwhelming and blows fall which he cannot parry, he bows to them, but is not broken by them.  His spirit still soars."


  1. These are so good, I just keep coming back to review them! I need to read just one or two and meditate on them. Another book to add to my ever-growing list of books to read??!! (I cross one off and write five new titles down!)

  2. They are good, aren't they? My parents gave me this book when I graduated high school. Know what you mean about the ever-growing list of books to read! ;)