Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey, I'm Versatile! -- Who Knew?

Phyllis at All Things Beautiful gave me The Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you! 

My first thought was that it was amusingly ironic, because "versatile" isn't the first word that would come to mind to define myself.  I have some trouble with that whole change and adaptation thing.  Which is why my husband laughed when I told him about it (all in good fun, and I knew he would).  But I guess my blog can be seen as versatile.  After all, it puts up with all my interests without blinking an eye.  This may be an example of how different you can appear online than in real life.  

Here are the rules for this award as obtained from All Things Beautiful (though I've seen different sets of rules for this award):
  1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you (I'm not comfortable w/telling you to do this if you got it from me though, ha -- I didn't give it to be thanked -- but I'm simply posting the rules).
  2. Post 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to some versatile blogs you enjoy reading.
  4. Notify the bloggers that you gave them an award.

Okay, so I'm ready for the 7 things about myself. 

  1. I'm not very good at things like this.  But I got the Versatile Blogger Award so I have to pretend like I am. ;)
  2. I have five precious children, but I come from a pretty small family myself and would not have considered myself an ideal candidate for being a large family mom. 
  3. As evidence of #2, I don't like to cook, am incredibly disorganized and not a great housekeeper at all, and I might barely be able to sew to save my life.  Thankfully that last part has never been tested.
  4. Concerning the small family... I had two brothers, but one of them died suddenly this year.  I miss him.
  5. I gave birth to my last three children at home.  On purpose.  But not all at once, lol. 
  6. I really don't like cold weather, and every winter I have to re-examine why I live where temperatures as cold as today (projected high of 20 degrees with an insane wind chill -- yes, I'm a wimp) are a regular possibility at this time of year. 
  7. I really like books (a lot), cats (less than I used to?), and homemade chocolate chip cookies (especially with raisins thrown in, and accompanied by a glass of milk). 

Here are some other blogs I enjoy who blog with versatility.  I think at least one of you may have already been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award, so if that's the case just consider it my vote of confidence that you deserved it:

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  1. Thanks! Loved the 7 things you shared -- well, except #4, and you need a big {hug} for that one.

  2. Thanks, Amber. So, we're calling it "versatile" these days, hmmm? Not "hopelessly spastic and unable to focus on just one thing"? :)

  3. Hey, who you callin' "spastic"? lol

  4. You're all very welcome. And thanks for the virtual hug, Jamie.

  5. Aw, thank you, Amber! I feel so special now! I tried to comment before on my phone...