Monday, November 29, 2010

Tell Your Time

I found an e-book this past weekend.   It's a super-quick read (under 30 pages), and you might find it worthwhile if you, like me, could use some tips on time-management.  It's called Tell Your Time, by Amy Lynn Andrews.

This was a rather spontaneous purchase for me, as I usually think a while about things I buy, but it was on sale 50% off and I thought, well, even if it contains just one thing that helps my pathetic schedule at the moment, it might be worth $6.

I read it already, and found it useful.  I've read several things on time management before, so for me it was like a concise review of some other things I've read, from a slightly different angle.  It was good for me to go through and helped me feel better and gain some needed perspective without being incredibly time-consuming.  I did gain enough from it that I felt I hadn't wasted my money.

I also discovered that she has an affiliate program.  I've never been an affiliate before, (although I'm considering being an Amazon affiliate since I link to them already), but I thought, well, why not?  I did like her book.  I might have told someone about it anyway, so I might as well make money doing it... IF I'm not turned into a 'stereotypical' slimy salesperson-type just trying to hawk something to others for my own profit.  Which is why I wouldn't have become an affiliate if I didn't like it.  So... that's my disclosure.  If you buy this book through me, I will get a portion of the proceeds.  And I certainly would never want anyone to feel pressured into buying anything from me.  This is supposed to be potentially useful, not obligatory or annoying.

Click here if you want to check it out.

If you buy it today, it's 50% off.  If not, I will still get a portion, but apparently the sale will be over.  So unless you just want to give me extra money (not that I wouldn't appreciate that, ha!), I recommend buying it now if you want it.  I likely wouldn't have bought it personally if it had been priced at $12. 

Realizing of course that I am NOT any kind of time management expert (ha, the very thought is laughable), I think this book might be best used with a view toward a quick review of your priorities/time usage if you are already familiar with some time management concepts.  Or if you are just getting started and have never read anything on the subject, it would be good for a basic overview/introduction.  It gets right to the point and doesn't overwhelm you with theory or detailed techniques.  That would also be very helpful for someone just getting started.  However, you might want to go deeper or need more guidance, in which case you might want to look into additional or other resources.  I think a lot of people don't like/need as much detail as I tend to, though, and even for me details and complex systems can be overwhelming at times.  This book keeps it simple.

I just want to get this up now while the sale is still going.  Another day I'll try to put up a list of other time management stuff I've found useful, in case it's of interest to you but you'd rather check something out from the library for free or buy a more detailed book.  I have to admit The Mommy Earth likely would have stayed mostly mum on this topic for now if not for this giving me a nudge, because I have trouble with balance and have a lot yet to learn in this area.  So you really need to take anything I say with a big grain of salt!  Maybe we can learn together?


  1. I love your header! Makes me want to figure out how to do one for my page!

    Oh, but about time management. . .I saw this ebook too, and was tempted to get it. Is it better than MOTH? I think my problem is I *know* what to do, it's just *applying* it!! And half my problem is the disorganization of all the piles!! Oh well, it's working ok for now. But if you get some amazing tip. . .write a post, hmmm? :)

  2. Shonya, I used Picasa, which is free from Google. It has a collage function that's super easy to use. I will warn you that it can be a time sapper... how's that for a tip, lol? ;)

    Not better than MOTH, but different. MOTH focuses pretty heavily on the actual schedule, but this book focuses more on goal setting, why you schedule what you do, prioritizing, that sort of thing. And it's not nearly as detailed as MOTH.

    I know what you mean about knowing what to do and just failing to apply it... been there/done that too many times! But this book did actually help me, maybe just because I needed to go back over everything from a slightly different angle. Without going into boring detail I'll say I think it helped me work out a problem I've been struggling with for some time with my schedule... at least in theory. Now I'm back to that old applying thing again, along with struggling with that other word you mentioned, "disorganization"!

  3. MOTH stands for Managers of Their Homes, for those who may wonder. It's by Steven and Teri Maxwell, and is an excellent book about scheduling.