Tuesday, April 20, 2010

January and February 2010 Photos

Well, I put this post up the other day, thinking it would be all I posted for January and February photos.  However, when I looked to see how much I had to do for March, I discovered more February ones.  I didn't have time to finish it so drafted it in the middle of some birthday photos, and now I've completely lost track of what I was doing.  Ha.  All that to say that I'm just going to stick this up here because I just want to get it up and don't really feel like uploading photos at the moment.  I might add more photos to it later or put them in another post.  Or I may just skip to April photos after this.... we'll see.  

Our three oldest have birthdays in February/March, so we've been doing a lot of celebrating around here.  We also celebrated the new year, and we got together to celebrate October birthdays with my family also (in January).

We passed around a little sickness during the winter, but really not too much compared to other families or other years in our own family.  I think I'll remember Liberty's teething as a bigger deal for this winter than the sickness. The weather was a pretty big deal too.  It was pretty nasty and snowy and just plain cold here this year.  We learned that our van does not like snow and ice.  We sure were thankful to see Spring coming!

Liberty in January (7 months)

Tirzah getting ready to go out in the big snow and sled.  It was a blast!

 What is this?  A Tirzah Earth Knight, of course!

 Another cute hat.  She likes hats (although she's not been wearing them as frequently now as she did for a while).
Hmm, is this a frog, toad, or turtle?

I made this one bigger in the hopes that you could see her teeth. (She's 8 months here)

I just thought this next one was funny:
 Kitty beware.  Danger Baby wields weapons! (battle ax? probably Peter's creation) No animals were hurt in the making of this post.  Only annoyed. 

They were making up some sort of story with the train set.  You can tell Peter was really excited about having his picture taken.  As usual.

Peter is back to business. Bethany (who doesn't mind having her picture taken) turns to smile, probably in the middle of telling a grand story.  Liberty comes quickly to see if she can help crawl off with essential pieces.  Can you see Tirzah in the back with the flower hat on?  And I missed Zion in this one.

The girls like to doll Liberty up and entertain her.

Zion making a potholder.  Don't get a plastic loom.  They are really frustrating.  The metal one works much better.  And yes, I nearly always have crumbs on my table, it seems. :)

Zion and Peter have each lost two teeth (Edit: Peter lost a third, in between the time I first wrote this and now -- Zion has one that is very loose so she'll probably be even with him again soon).  I've taken to calling them my little twins because they are kind of close in development in some ways.  This was taken the day before Zion's birthday.  She'd scuffed up her face somehow but I just love her smile. :)

Hey, they're all looking at the camera and no one has a goofy face!

Zion on her birthday.  She had requested waffles for breakfast and we gave her a folder and pen.

I love her expression here.

Giggly girls.  They were wondering what was in the bag.

Look at her face.  She saw this panda toy that moves and makes sounds at the store around the end of last year and was really interested in it.  John's getting to be a softy and went and got it to surprise her.  She was so cute with it.  :)

Zion is such a precious little person.  It's hard to believe she's 6!!!  The time is just flying!


  1. Wow, I was really behind on reading your blog! (It doesn't update on my blogroll for some reason, so I'm not reminded to check it). Love the pics of the kids, and I think sometimes it's fun to be a 'softie' and buy the kids something they really, really want. Not ALL the time, but sometimes. . . :D

  2. That's weird that it doesn't update. I wonder what's up with that? And ha, I'm always way behind so in my opinion you do a really good job!