Monday, March 8, 2010

Not To Prolong Winter Or Anything...

...but I still have December photos to post!

First, check out Tirzah imitating her brother yet again. Some time ago I let each of the children get a notebook when we were shopping, and Peter chose to use his to write down squared numbers. He has done this off and on in his free time since then. He uses a calculator for this (no, I don't let him use a calculator on his assigned work at this point). Just to let you know what she's imitating.

You will of course ignore the products of creativity on the table behind, and crumbs on the table at which she's working. ;)

She was totally absorbed in working with the calculator and writing down her "numbers" (just scribbles), so she didn't notice me taking these. :)

Later she was doing it in the chair and saw me taking the picture, so I got a nice smile.

Liberty was very busy in December as well. She was getting teeth and really getting around. She now has a total of 8 teeth and is cruising quite comfortably. But these photos were taken when she was just getting started with the teeth and the pulling up.

This is an outfit I wore. Can you say 70's? ;) I think it's cute though, and so durable and warm.

"How can you take a picture at a time like this? Can't you see I'm stuck?!"

The children decided to do puzzles one day and really got into it. It occurred to me recently that it's kind of funny that I always end up having all these random photos of their stuff. I often don't think to take photographs, although I do better than I used to now that we have a digital camera. Peter has tended to be one of those who gets really upset about taking anything apart that he put his time and effort into making, however (wants to keep it together forever!), so taking photos of his work has helped with that. I think I took this before having them clean up the puzzles so I could use the kitchen floor without walking all over them! So it's rather random I suppose, but I'm just weird like that. ;)

Liberty has also discovered she can really get into things. The closet door had been left open here. Thankfully she hasn't yet learned to open closed doors, but she has recently gotten into opening the kitchen cabinets and drawers and taking things out.

Looking at our cat, Nero.

Aw. Sorry I cut off your nose, Nero.

Sisters. :)

"Oh, help! I can't get this thing to work!" Stuck again. ;)

Can you see her one tooth in this picture?

Tirzah hanging out in Liberty's car seat.

Sweet Zion and Silly Tirzah.

Cuddly cute!

Snow play:

Do I know these people?! They like to make the goofiest faces they can and then see the picture. ;)

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  1. Great photos, Amber. I enjoy the random ones just as much as the ones with your beautiful children in them. Liberty is sure growing fast, and I love her retro outfit. Emerald is currently wearing a winter coat that ALL of her Aunts wore (and me). Talk about durability! :) Tirzah still reminds me of my little Verity. I think it's the big grin and long hair. :)