Friday, November 27, 2009

Tirzah Quotes

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. We've had some flu which made it so we thought it unwise to attend the family get-togethers, :( but we managed to have a pretty nice day anyway, all things considered. We have so much to thank God for.

I want to post some Tirzah quotes from yesterday. I think she's had the worst of this, but she was starting to feel a little better yesterday -- at least enough to talk. Today she's got her smile back, which is so sweet. I'd missed it and am very thankful for its return.

Background for the first quote: Her little nose got chapped some from her constant wiping. This was her description of the chapped feeling: "My germs hurt!"

And the other quote: "I like turkey, and chicken, except the doosters" [roosters].


  1. uh-oh, did you get the flu from up this way?! love the quotes from little ones--they always make ME smile! :)

  2. Uncertain whether we got it from up there, but it seems likely. Oh, well -- we took the risk.