Friday, October 9, 2009


I've been reading through my old blog and came across some things I'd forgotten about that I want to have better access to and also thought I'd share again. Here's one I like about TV.

Channel 23
--Michael Pearl

A modern Psalm taken from “The New International Unchristian Perversion.”

“The TV is my shepherd, I shall not want anything else. It maketh me to lie down on the sofa. It leadeth me away from the Scripture. It destroys my soul. It leadeth me in the paths of sex and violence for the sponsors sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will enjoy the evil, for blood and sex they excite me. It’s cable and remote they comfort me. It prepares a commercial before me in the presence of my children. It anoints my head with humanism, My coveting runneth over. Surely laziness and ignorance shall follow my family all the days of our lives, and we shall dwell in the house watching TV forever.”

Here's a link to the place where I originally posted this on May 14, 2005 (this is for me, although some friends might be interested as well -- looking back at old stuff can be fun).

You can find a lot of the Pearls' writings online. I don't agree with everything they write or promote, but I do like their thoughts on many subjects pertaining to the family. I could criticize some things (Some people especially seem to find their style of writing off-putting. I personally enjoy it for the most part -- hope that doesn't mean my writing style is off-putting too! -- but I can understand why some would dislike it), but they've produced some helpful materials. I'm thankful that a sister in Christ gave us their first book, To Train Up A Child, some years ago, either before we had any children or right after our first was born.

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