Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review: Five Little Peppers

Another book we finished reading aloud recently was Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, by Margaret Sidney. My children enjoyed this one immensely. They liked the funny stories about the children. Even Zion (5 years old) got pretty involved in it and would ask me to read it.
(photo taken 2014)

I wasn't as fond of it as they were at first. No real objections to it, but I just didn't find it as interesting. That and it seemed a little too "fakey" to me. That kind of annoyed me when I preread it. Maybe it was partly the mood I was in. I enjoyed it more when reading it with the children, perhaps because it was fun to see them enjoy it. It has good messages underlying the story, too, which I appreciate -- the power of being content in our circumstances, cultivating joy, and being diligent, etc. It's a pretty wholesome book.

I didn't have the children narrate from this book much. It was read often at bedtime and I just decided to let it go on this one, as they narrate plenty on other things. I think they still benefited from it, though -- even more than just enjoying it with me, which is always a bonding experience and beneficial for all of us and our relationships. I wondered if the messages would be lost on them since they are young. At one point late in the book I asked them about the children from the two families presented in the book. I wanted to see what they'd picked up on, and it seemed at least Bethany had noticed that the Pepper children generally get along well and enjoy each other, while the other children are more likely to bicker. I asked them why they thought that was. Bethany said she thought the bickering children didn't have enough work to do. She sounds like a mama in the making, huh? ;)

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  1. We read this when the children were younger--just a fun little story for us all! Aren't those memories so fun to make with them?!

  2. Thanks for adding this to the CM Carnival!