Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fourth of July 2009 -- Fireworks Time!

We were with my parents -- good times! I didn't get a lot of pictures and what I did get weren't the best, sorry.

She had fun, but she apparently thought it was too loud. She did that at church meeting too after this, during the singing. :)

The others were very busy with their daytime fireworks:

Tirzah sat sweetly in her chair.

Fireworks are serious business for this young man.

Time for sparklers!

Not sure you can tell that's Zion above.

Ooh, aah!

Ha, they look confused.

Caught Peter again, still serious. :)

Liberty was serious too. She was studying Grandma here.

The next morning they were wiped out:

And this was the day after that, I think:

I just couldn't resist snapping this picture of Tirzah "reading"/singing to her babies. So cute, even though this was Zion's Bible and she really shouldn't have been bothering it. I'm afraid I'm getting soft. I don't think I even noticed it was Zion's until later. Looks like law enforcement on the Mommy Earth could use some improvement. Can't be distracted from ordinance violations by a chubby little person with an innocent appearance!


  1. Ha, ha, we went to the fair with family and my sil accused me of getting soft in my old age, too! I was tired, and it wasn't THAT big of a deal!! :) ok, ok, buckling down here, too!!!

    BTW, I'm glad to see some of your pictures less than perfect--I've been impressed with your photography skills as your pics always seem perfect! :)

  2. Haha, with these little ones who are so cute and know it, it's a bit difficult, and especially when you feel tired and/or busy!

    Thanks for the compliment about my pics. That's funny, I've had similar thoughts before about others' seeming perfect compared to mine. Maybe it's easier to be critical of your own pictures and admire someone else's, just like with the rest of life.