Friday, June 19, 2009

Granny's Visit

My grandma came to visit on June 6th. Of course we took pictures.

Tirzah put her accessories together herself. ;)

Yeah, I was really stylin' too, lol. Sorry, but in my world comfort and convenience usually trump appearance, especially days after giving birth.


  1. Glad you gave a FB reminder about your "new" blogspot. I'd forgotten already. It was neat to see all the kids and grandparents holding and enjoying Liberty. Blake reacted to Alexandria in very much the same way Peter has to his newest sister, casually interested at times. Now that he can tattle on her though there is a whole new level of interest!

    Hope you all are doing well. I'm sure you're plenty busy!

  2. great pics! She is just beautiful! I esp like the pics of her with dad and brother, b/c we can really see her face. But the pic of Tirzah "stylin' " is just darling, and I like the family picture! :)

  3. say, i was wondering, did you end up using the water birth? I thought you would post your birth story, guess you must not be into that--which is okay, too :)

  4. Shonya: no, we didn't use the birth pool. I did spend a lot of time in the shower. I could post my birth story... if I could actually get it written. :) But I'm not opposed to it or anything. We'll see.