Monday, June 8, 2009

First Time Outside

The other day Daddy took the older two children on an errand and I had some time with just the little girls. It was nice. We took Liberty out in the back yard for the first time to show her around.

Zion is a natural at holding babies.

Tirzah is holding up a disgusting-looking but harmless broken toy piece in this picture, the retrieval of which caused her to lean out of instead of into the previous picture with her sisters.

Tirzah is also mastering the art of the cheesy grin. ;)

I think Liberty enjoyed her first time outdoors. Just look at that smile!


  1. Your girls look so happy with their new little sister. Tirzah sure reminds me of Emerald with all those cheesy grins. :) Liberty looks like she's gained several pounds already! So cute and chubby :)

  2. Whoa! I'm amazed at so many posts! :) Liberty is such a doll, I love the smile, and I can just imagine the fun you had with just the three younger children!

  3. Grace: Emerald reminds me of Tirzah sometimes, too, with or without cheesy grins. Maybe it's the look in their eyes or something, I'm not sure. :)

    Shonya: LOL, can you tell this is the first time I've had a digital camera to take pics of a newborn? ;)