Friday, March 27, 2009

Knights and Fair Maidens

Some more
pictures, an attempt to get more current. This shouldn't be too difficult because I didn't think to take many pictures in the first part of this year. I guess I was a bit preoccupied.

In history we've studied some about knights. In January, Peter came up with this ==>

He wasn't the only "knight" in the family at that time, but his armor was the most complete. We had some girls who liked best to pretend to ride on horses and weren't quite as heavily into the armor aspect, although they did have some at various times as well. I think this was a rare occasion where Peter actually asked to have his picture taken.

It's been a while since we've seen any armor around here, though. They moved on to other things, like building
castles out of blocks (mostly Legos) and then seeing if they can destroy each other's, enacting dramas with the Lego knights. Now they've gone on to making more elaborate castles and, lately, designing ships.

We've also studied several kings, mostly from the history of England. This is who gets the royal treatment at our house these days, ha. It's fitting that his name is Tiberius. Bethany made him this crown.

Here is something Tirzah has been very good at lately -- smiling in a very charming way when she is supposed to be sleeping.

Zion came up with this recently, which reminded me of similar things I used to do to pretend to have really long hair when I was about her age.

And here are shots of each one of them from the celebration of birthdays we FINALLY had with brownies and grape gelatin once everyone was well enough to enjoy them.




and Tirzah

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