Saturday, January 3, 2009

On the Origin of the Mommy Earth

I'd been pondering starting a new blog here for a while, as there are some things I don't care for about my other blog host (Xanga -- if you want to see my other blog, follow this link). But I didn't seem to be able to come up with an address I liked that was available. Finally it dawned on me to think along the lines of my children's creativity -- of course! There I could discover some originality.

My little people don't watch much TV, or even much in the way of movies, which I think inspires more creativity in them. They do play at being characters from books or whatever they've been exposed to at times, but they don't play at being characters from GI Joe or He-Man like I did when I was a kid (Can you tell I played with mostly boys? And yes, they almost always made me be a girl character). Instead, they are inclined to make up their own characters and stories. And even whole worlds.

I don't remember how it started, or maybe I never even knew, but at some point there emerged a new level of play, where their characters belonged to each inventor's respective 'earth.' I think the idea may have stemmed from the game their daddy started with them. He draws a character he makes up on the Magna Doodle and has the character talk with them. Sometimes he'll tell them the character is from some bizarre non-existent planet.

However it happened, at some point I overheard the children discussing their "earths" -- each child made up his or her own earth, you see. And on his/her earth, he/she has complete control. Ah ha! When I first heard this, I thought they'd come up with a rather ingenious way of settling the arguments that would sometimes arise amongst them about their make-believe play. However, as things continued, it seemed to only change the nature of the arguments. And the tattling. "Mom, Peter says that the Zion Earth can't have any Animals!" So I guess that proves that people can argue about anything with the right (wrong) attitude. And I guess that makes me the rule-maker for this little universe. I must say that managing a universe is hard work. I try to allow reasonable freedom, the biggest rule so far being that no one else can decide anything about anyone else's earth. No one except Mom, of course -- or Dad, who I guess is whatever the next level up from "universe manager" would be. Hmm... "master of the universe" ??? -- which I guess makes him He-Man?! (neither of which should to be confused with THE Master and Creator of the real universe, of course....) ANYWAY....

While coming closer, this still doesn't explain the Mommy Earth. Once again it seems to have something to do with Daddy. One day he and I were overhearing an involved and rather competitive discussion regarding what can happen on the various child earths, and we concluded that the earths were a way to make things however you wanted them to be. So we started joking about life on the Daddy and Mommy Earths. And before long the children were asking us questions about our earths. Things like: How many people live there? And, would the people there like to buy this chair I drew which is for sale?

So there you have it. Welcome to the Mommy Earth, where everything is (supposed to be) exactly as I want it. You can't stay here forever, because the Mommy Earth has only one permanent resident. But there are plenty of chairs purchased from the cutest salespeople I know, so you can relax and stay a while. ;)


  1. Cute! I want MY own mommy earth! :) I've thought about moving my blog too, but I want to move all my old stuff over. . .you don't happen to know how to do that, do you???? :)

  2. No, sorry, I don't know if/how that can be done from Xanga to Blogger. Looked briefly in the Blogger help and didn't find anything. Anybody else know?

    I guess you could make links to some or all of the posts from your other blog, under headings of the same title -- time-consuming, though.

  3. Yes, WAY too time consuming for me! :) I may just stay at xanga--Alan likes me to lock my little corner of the earth anyway! :) Funny for a guy who leaves the keys in his vehicle, yes even in KC, but this is his FAMILY we're talking about! :)